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You chose to pay the premium for your insurance with your credit card.

To set up this payment method, you must input your payment details online in the secure environment of 'Ogone Payment Services', our partner for credit card payments.
This enables us, as merchant, to avoid accessing your credit card information, in accordance with applicable PCI recommendations (

We will ask you to register your credit card details at three possible moments:

  1. You have indicated that you wish to pay by credit card. This registration will then possibly be combined with a first premium request. If not, this registration proceeds via a zero-transaction and no money will be taken from your card.

  2. Your card has reached its expiry date. Note that, in some cases, the update happens automatically by agreement between 'Ogone Payment Services' and your credit card company. Only if this is not the case we will request that you register the new information in this way. This can possibly also be combined with a premium request.

  3. When you want to change your card details. In this case, please call us or send us an e-mail to inform us of your wish to change your card details.

In each of these cases, we will send you an e-mail with a link to this page. The personal login code you will receive in this e-mail is valid for a limited period.

Once registered successfully, future premiums are debited automatically from your credit card on their due date.
If you want to proceed with registering your credit card details, please enter your personal login code below.

Please have your credit card ready…

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